You can take your kids to these 100+ playgrounds around Boston


Dozens have spray features where kids can cool down during the hot summer months.

John Tlumacki
Children cooling off in the Boston Common Frog Pond in 2016.

Are you looking for a place in the city where your kids can swing and slide and climb? Boston has more than 2,000 acres of neighborhood parks, playgrounds, tot lots, and athletic facilities, according to the city.

Ahead, discover some of the city’s most popular playgrounds and parks. Of the city’s popular list, we’ve listed places where the description of amenities specifically included “playground” and also noted spots with a “tot spray feature” as well, for families seeking water fun during warm months.

Happy playing!


Fidelis Way Park, 1511 Commonwealth Ave.
Hardiman Playground, 380 Faneuil St. (tot spray feature)
Hobart Park, 85 Hobart St. (tot spray feature)
Hooker Street Playground, 120 Hooker St. (tot spray feature)
Joyce Playground, 80 Union St. (tot spray feature)
McKinney Playground, 74 Faneuil St.
Penniman Road Play Area, 25 Penniman Road
Portsmouth Street Playground, 35 Portsmouth St.
Ringer Playground, 85 Allston St. (tot spray feature)
Rogers Park, 30 Rogers Park Ave.
Shubow Park, 1825 Commonwealth Ave. (tot spray feature)
Smith Playground, 235 Western Ave.

Back Bay / Beacon Hill

Clarendon Street Play Lot, 260 Clarendon St.
Myrtle Street Playground, 50 Myrtle St.
Phillips Street Play Area, 21 Phillips St.


Caldwell Street Play Area, 9 Caldwell St.
Cook Street Play Area, 15 Hill St.
Doherty Playground, 349 Bunker Hill St. (tot spray feature)
Edwards Playground, 10 Eden St.
Harvard Mall, 29 Harvard St.
Mayor Menino Park, 1st Ave Street Frontage (tot spray feature)
Peter Looney Park, 34 Union St.
Ryan Playground, 75 Alford St.


Adams/King Playground, 470 Adams St.
Byrne Playground, 23 Everett St. (tot spray feature)
Deer Street Park, 39 Deer St.
Doherty Playground, 1545 Dorchester Ave.
Dorchester Park, 2180 Dorchester Ave.
Downer Avenue Playground, 40 Downer Ave.
Elmhurst Park, 27-35 Elmhurst St. (tot spray feature)
Erie/Ellington Playground, 125 Erie St. (tot spray feature)
Garvey Playground, 340 Neponset Ave.
Hannon Playground, 621 Dudley St.
Hemenway Playground, 540 Adams St.
Martin Playground, 95 Myrtlebank Ave.
McConnell Park, 30 Denny St.
Mother’s Rest at Four Corners, 410 Washington St.
Nellie Miranda Memorial Park, 39-41 Belden St.
Quincy/Stanley Street Play Area, 21 Stanley St. (tot spray feature)
Reverend Loesch Family Park, 20 Wainwright St. (tot spray feature)
Ripley Playground, 25 Ripley Road (tot spray feature)
Roberts Playground, 56 Dunbar Ave. (tot spray feature)
Ronan Park, 92 Mt. Ida Road (tot spray feature)
Ryan Play Area, 960 Dorchester Ave. (tot spray feature)
Walsh Playground, 1005 Washington St.


Boston Common, 139 Tremont St. (tot spray feature, a.k.a the Frog Pond)
Christopher Columbus Park, 110 Atlantic Ave. (tot spray feature)
Cutillo Park, 10 Stillman St.
DeFilippo Playground, 135 Prince St.
Elliot Norton Park, 295 Tremont St.
Langone Park, 529-543 Commercial St.
Puopolo Playground, 517 Commercial St. (tot spray feature)
Tai Tung Park, 110 Tyler St.

Paris Street Playground in East Boston. – Ed Lyons

East Boston

American Legion Playground, 25 Glendon St.
Cuneo Park, 765 Saratoga St.
East Boston Memorial Park, 143 Porter St. (tot spray feature)
LoPresti Park, 33 Sumner St.
Noyes Park, 86 Boardman St.
Paris Street Playground, 115 Paris St.
Porzio Park, 14 Jeffries St. (tot spray feature)
Peter Looney Park, 34 Union St.
Sumner and Lamson Streets Playground, 430 Sumner St. (tot spray feature)

Fenway / Kenmore

Back Bay Fens, 100 Park Dr.
Edgerly Road Playground, 6 Edgerly Road (tot spray feature)

Hyde Park

Amatucci Playground, 1460 Hyde Park Ave.
Iacono Playground, 150 Readville St. (tot spray feature)
McGann Playground, 240 West St. (tot spray feature)
Ross Playground, 145 Westminster St.
Stonehill Park, 25 Stonehill Road

Jamaica Plain

Brewer-Burroughs Playground, 2P Brewer St.
Forbes Street Playground, 60 Forbes St.
McLaughlin Playground, 239 Parker Hill Ave.
Mission Hill Playground, 60 Smith St. (tot spray feature)
Mozart Street Playground, 10 Mozart St. (tot spray feature)
Murphy Playground, 20 Child St.
Rossmore and Stedman Street Park, 40 Rossmore St.


Almont Park, 40 Almont St. (tot spray feature)
Ernst Chery Jr. Playground, 74 Orlando St. (tot spray feature)
Harambee Park, 930 Blue Hill Ave. (tot spray feature)
Thetford Evans Playground, 15 Evans St. (tot spray feature)
Walker Playground, 550 Norfolk St. (tot spray feature)

Fallon Field in Roslindale. – Ed Lyons


Fallon Field, 910 South St.
Franklin Park, 450 Walnut Ave. (tot spray feature)
Healy Playground, 160 Florence St.
Parkman Playground, 58 Wachusett St.


Beauford Play Area, 127 Howard Ave.
Ceylon Park, 15 Ceylon St. (tot spray feature)
Children’s Park, 81-85 Intervale St. (tot spray feature)
Clifford Playground, 160 Norfolk Ave.
Dennis Street Park, 138 Moreland St. (tot spray feature)
Edna V. Bynoe Park, 50 Orchard Park (tot spray feature)
Flaherty Playground, 40 Cornwall St.
Franklin Park, 25 Pierpont Road (tot spray feature)
Gibbons Playground, 23 Delle Ave. (tot spray feature)
Holborn Street Play Lot, 6 Holborn St. (tot spray feature)
Howes Playground, 68 Moreland St. (tot spray feature)
“Jeep” Jones Park, 221 Roxbury St. (tot spray feature)
Lambert Avenue Playground, 45 Lambert Ave. (tot spray feature)
Little Scobie Playground, 36 Copeland St.
Malcolm X Park, 150 M L King Jr. Blvd. (tot spray feature)
Marcella Playground, 260 Highland St. (tot spray feature)
Mount Pleasant Play Area, 30 Mt. Pleasant Ave. (tot spray feature)
St. James Street Park, 39 St. James St.
Trotter High School Playground, 59 Waumbeck St. (tot spray feature)
Walnut Park Play Area, 345 Walnut Ave. (tot spray feature)
Winthrop Playground, 21 Danube St. (tot spray feature)

South Boston

Buckley Playground, 210 West Third St. (tot spray feature)
Christopher F. Lee Playground, 775 East First St.
Flaherty Park, 130 B St.
Medal of Honor Park, 775 East First St.
Moakley Park, 1005 Columbia Road (tot spray feature)
Orton Field, 200 D St. (tot spray feature)
Sweeney Playground, 180 West Fifth St. (tot spray feature)

South End

Carter Playground, 709 Columbus Ave. (tot spray feature)
Chandler/Tremont Plaza, 415 Tremont St.
Frieda Garcia Park, 95-111 Clarendon St.
Hayes Park, 158 Warren Ave.
Monsignor Reynolds Playground, 5 Msgr. Reynolds Way
O’Day Playground, 75 West Newton St. (tot spray feature)
Peters Park, 230 Shawmut Ave.
Ramsay Park, 1917 Washington St.
Ringgold Park, 10 Ringgold St.
Titus Sparrow Park, 75 West Rutland Sq.
Union Park Street Play Area, 125 Union Park St.

West Roxbury

Beethoven School Play Area, 5119 Washington St.
Billings Field, 369 LaGrange St. (tot spray feature)
Draper Playground, 5265 Washington St.
Hynes Playground, 502 VFW Parkway (tot spray feature)
Millennium Park, 300 Gardner St.